Johnny Depp hunts Jack the Ripper

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Frederick Abberline

On the path of Jack the RIpper Johnny Depp uses psychic abilities
Johnny Depp as Frederick Abberline in “From Hell”

On the trail of Jack the Ripper Johnny Depp plays Police Inspector Frederick Abberline in the 2001 film “From Hell”.

Frederick Abberline was an actual Chief Inspector for the London Metropolitan Police. Inspector Abberline was the lead investigator on the Jack the Ripper case in 1888. Born January 8, 1843 in Blandford Forum,Dorset, Abberline was 45 during the famous investigation. He lived a long life dying December 10, 1929 at the age of 86.

Although Inspector Abberline was written to have psychic abilities he was reported to be a very down-to-earth policeman who worked very methodically and was not a drug or alcohol user as depicted. He was apparently chosen for the case because he was the safe diligent bet who knew the area where the murders were occurring very well.

Frederick Abberline Quotes:

I want every veterinarian, butcher, furrier in the district interviewed.— Frederick Abberline(Johnny Depp in “From Hell”)

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(Jack the Ripper Johnny Depp Credits: flickr:pareeerica)

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